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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a ceremony rehearsal?

Ceremony Rehearsals can be arranged during the week prior to your wedding day. These appointments are for one (1) hour and scheduled between Monday – Thursday at around the same time as your ceremony so that you can see the angle of the sun and shading. It is often a challenge to get the whole Bridal Party together for the rehearsal, however, the most important thing is for the Bride and Bridesmaids to practice walking down the aisle with the processional music.

A Wedding Planning Team member will coordinate the rehearsal and the timing of the Bride & Bridesmaids to the music.

Do you provide meals for our vendors?

Yes! Ravensthorpe will cater for your vendors and provide a separate area for them to take their meals. Vendor or Service meal requirements are chargeable and will be confirmed at the same time as final guest numbers and menu selections.

Who coordinates our vendors on the day of the wedding?

We coordinate with vendors throughout the entire time they are required to be offering you a service. Even though they have a run sheet relevant to what they are contributing to your wedding day, we let them know of important timings like cake cutting, speeches, first dance, etc, so that they don’t miss those important moments due to eating their meal or taking a break. 

Do you offer a list of recommended vendors & service providers like photographers or DJs?

Yes! Once you have booked a wedding with us please ask us to customise a list for you. We recommend local wedding professionals who have proven to be fabulous & reliable while keeping your budget in mind. Ravensthorpe regularly hosts annual open days where you are invited to come and see the range of set up/decor options and meet our preferred suppliers!


Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes! We specialise in catering for dietary needs and restrictions. Normally you are not required to consider special dietary needs when selecting your menu. We will cater to dietary needs individually for each course providing a custom meal that suits each individual’s requirements. Our Executive Chef is able to design whole wedding and events menus to be entirely gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and also to cater to specific cultural or religious preferences. Dietary Requirements are catered for with advanced notification. Please ensure that requirements are included when confirming your final numbers and menus.


What time should my ceremony start?

As a general guide, we suggest that you plan your wedding around the sunset for the best lighting opportunities for photographs. From experience at least 2 hours before sunset works well. So if it is a summer wedding (in daylight savings time) a 4pm or 4.30pm ceremony would be perfect. If it is winter, then 3pm or 3.30 will allow 2 hours of dusk & stunning light for photos.


What support will I receive?

Our Wedding Planning Team will assist you with every aspect of your wedding that is held at Ravensthorpe. Our wedding planners work most days of the week and are available for support over the phone, and in person during planning meetings.


What accommodation options are there near Ravensthorpe?

While Ravensthorpe can accommodate up to 10 guests within the Manor House there are also multiple accommodation options within a 10 minute drive from the estate. Upon booking your wedding our team can provide a list of recommended accommodation options.


Guests with cars, what can they do?

If guests have a vehicle, they are welcome to leave it overnight in our onsite car park (we have space for up to 150 cars) for collection the following day. Taxi and uber services are readily available at the end of the reception for guest collection right at the front steps of Ravensthorpe.


What transport options are there in Albion Park?

There are taxi and Uber providers available in Albion Park and they all service Ravensthorpe. A number of local companies also offer mini bus or coach charters.


Where is Ravensthorpe Estate located?

The Ravensthorpe Estate is located at 56 Tongarra Rd, Albion Park on the south coast of New south Wales.